About Us

Suri Skin, a truly Malaysian journey

Our ethos behind Suriskin is simple: clean, effective, and stress-free skincare products that make you look good and feel good about yourself !


Malaysian Pride
We started in Malaysia, a country lying just north of the 🌎 Equator, we take pride in underpinning the ✨  aesthetics and 💄 beauty standards that represent the beautiful people of Malaysia and its surrounding region.

Our brand name was conceptualized from the following Malay word:   
Permaisuri, noun [per.mai.su.ri]
(from Sanskrit language परमेश्वरी (parameśvarī, "highest woman"))
At Suri Skin, we seek to be congruent with the noble meaning behind this namesake that we drew inspiration from- to be the beacon of 🍷elegance & ✊  empowerment to all skincare users around our region!

Our Commitment 

Suri Skin is a 100% Malaysian skincare brand focused on natural-enhanced cosmeceuticals.
We're against skincare offerings that are made with aggressive and harmful ingredients, or so-called natural farm-to-table ingredients with questionable effectiveness.

We're also against anything that is cumbersome to use — skincare should be simple, without being any simpler than it can be.


We believe in working with a person's skin instead of combating it.To do that, we're collaborating with B&B Labs, one of the most experienced clean skincare companies in Malaysia, to create a lineup of cosmeceuticals with the highest ingredient quality and proven medical effectiveness.

Of course, that means no parabens, minerals, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances - which is the bare minimum.

But we've also gone beyond that. All our offerings include traditional East Asian plants, herbal, and fruit extracts that work incredibly well to heal your skin condition without compromising the cellular structure.